Future Internet


Over the past 50 years since its beginning, the Internet had many extensions added to its architecture so that novel functionalities could be available, which was not possible at the time of its starting project. Because of that, researchers and some professionals of the field consider that new solutions will rely on a redesign of the whole Internet architecture. The research area regarded to investigate the challenges as well as proposing alternative solutions in order to replace the current architecture is known as Future Internet.

Among various innovative and existing paradigms, GERCOM has researched the following topics:


Software Defined Networks: It is an emergent paradigm that decouples control functions from data plane, allowing a better management and control of the network. It also enable to program the underlying infrastructure by abstracting all the complexity to the applications and network services.

Advantages: Easy management, dynamism and adaptability.

Goals: To propose network solutions both adaptable and scalable based on Software Defined Networks so that the demands for new services and applications be addressed.


Information Centric Networks: It is another emergent paradigm in the context of Future Internet. It is based on the client-content approach, whose main focus is on retrieving content using its name and not the IP address. In-Networking caching is key feature in ICN, which enables routers to cache content so that download time be reduced, improving Quality of Experience to end-users.

Goals: To propose new algorithms for caching and forwarding in order to meet user’s content requests.

Advantages: Server and Network Load reduction, Increase in content availability, better Quality of Experience.


Cloud Computing Technologies: Cloud computing enables remote access to shared resources that can be configurable as well as fast provisioning of services, with little management effort through the Internet.

Advantages: Elasticity, flexibility and resiliency.

Goals: To develop new solutions based on cloud platforms and services. These solutions must comply with strict requirements such as security, data protection, performance, resilience and energy efficiency to meet future needs for the digital industry and public area.




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