Wireless Networks

Introduction: Wireless networks have been the main access networks at present, once they allow mobile communication without using wires. Specifically, Wireless Mesh Network -WMN- are a special case of wireless networks that demands for some infrastructure. They are self-configurable; they have a low cost deployment and ease of maintenance. Due to such features, WMNs play a key role among the access networks of the next generation.


Advantages: Simplicity, low cost, easy deployment and maintenance, scalability, Robustness.



To investigate protocols and routing metrics for WMNs

To investigate QoE and QoS in WMNs

To investigate management and maintenance processes in WMNs

To investigate new technologies for the next generation networks

To propose new solutions to WMNs




Network Simulator (NS2, NS3)





WMN in an outdoor environment at the UFPA campus


Infrastructure: The UFPA wireless network has some modified routers with embedded OpenWRT firmware in order to work according to the WMNs features. Each access point has a mesh kit containing the following equipment.

TP-Link TL – 1043ND router

18dBi Omnidirectional antenna

hermetic box

RGC 213 cables.

Pigtail connectors

PoE cables



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