Introduction: Blockchain or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) works as a log book, opened and decentralized, making it possible to do any transaction among people in a safe and realiable manner, without the need of an intermediary entity, just using the Internet. As a disruptive technology, Blockchain allows to cut costs, save time, improve efficiency, increase governance, as well as creating new opportunities at the marketplace, that is, revolutinizing the current scenario.

Goals: to create and environment to use the blockchain technology in Computer Networks, in addition to introducing some expertise areas which will take advantages like Economy, Law and Psychology;

Methodology: Implementation of use cases of the technology in real scenarios as well as the creation of a multidisciplinary relations with other post-graduation programs and entities so that blockchain can be used by non-academic communities, having a greater social impact.

Infraestructure: Virtual Machines at GERCOM Datacenter, Public Networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin.





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